Most of the techniques I enjoy are done using Stampin' Up! products and supplies.

Included on this page are different Techniques I have tried and have enjoyed doing in the past.  Because most of them only include the finished product, I will explain in detail how I made them.  Now that I have a blog, I will start taking pictures of my progress as I go so pictures will be included with the different techniques in the future.  As always, I would appreciate any comments and/or feedback you may have!

Acrylic Embossed Paper

 How it's made:

Here is an interesting technique I thought I would try. A friend gave me a hundred different bottles of acrylic paints a year ago because she was no longer doing ceramics. Well, not wanting anything to go to waste, I took them off her hands. I had been using the acrylic paints to paint & decorate chipboard (I love doing the antique look with the crackel medium - makes it look withered & aged - anyway, I decided I would give it a shot & try it on paper, I even took it a step further by inserting a painted but dry sheet of painted paper in my embossing folder with the acrylic paint. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I used to never want to do anything (messy) with my equipment as I am extreme with making sure it's very well taken care of & handled properly. I saw a tutorial video on stampin up!s website with the gentleman who inked a texturez plate. Believe me, I gasped when I saw him do this and was secretly glad that he was defacing his texturez plate rather than one of my own - but I was curious as to how his technique would turn out. lol before the video was even over, guess who was pulling out her texturez plates and of course baby wipes for later! anyway, after doing his project and liking the results I started pushing myself to create outside of the box hence the embossing folder full of wet acrylic paint. End of a long-winded story, I'm glad I did this. A word of advise, because it is a rather messy process, you might want to do several of these at a time in one session so you don't have to do multiple clean-up's. Stamp set used: Well Scripted. Paper used: Confetti white, tempting turquoise, cameo coral. Ink used: Cameo coral with another stamp on top of it with melon mambo (stamp-a-ma-jig used to perfectly line up). white craft pigment ink was used to emboss with clear embossing powder or heat & stick powder.

Cracked Glass

 Here's how it was made:

I used watercolor paper and my ink pads to color the elk. Once the color was just the way I wanted and I cropped it to the right size, I inked the entire image with versamark then covered with embossing powder & took the embossing gun to it. Once the powder was melted, I repeated the steps until I got a glassy smooth finish. I put the hot project in the freezer for about 10 minutes. When froze, the paper will naturally want to curl, which is good. Bend in the opposite direction to ensure the glassy finish will crack in random places. Keep bending until you have the desired result. If you crack it too many times or think that you messed up, take the embossing gun to it again, get everything good & melted, and then put in the freezer & start all over again. Once the cracks are just the way you want them, you can either leave it like that & finish your project or you can do what I did. Take your chocolate chip or close to cocoa craft (pigment) ink with a dauber or handy piece of sponge and start rubbing the dauber in the cracks to ensure the cracks pick up the ink. Once finished, you can wipe off the entire area with a napkin and finish your project. This was really easy to do and produces awesome results. I can't wait to see other peoples' spin on this technique so I can get other ideas.
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