Monday, May 10, 2010

Top Note Trinket Gift Boxes

I made some adorable gift boxes for a few friends who have been supportive of my Demonstratorship with Stampin' Up!  Though I am not in it for the money, the discount is what I have been focusing on, I am still having workshops that are in a classroom/type environment.  The workshops keep me motivated to keep my mind active and they challenge me to keep coming up with new and exciting projects.

I especially enjoy seeing the look on people's faces when they and not very confident in the first place and they start to see their project come together.  One younger girl, a new mom who attended a workshop a few weeks ago just beemed with pride when she finished a Mothers Day card that she was going to give to her mother in law.  "I made this!" she kept saying.  She definitely looked forward to giving the card to her mother in law for Mothers Day.

So, not only am I sharing my knowledge but I am also helping to increase self esteem.  Another guest at the workshop was a long-time friend of mine and my Stampin' Up! upline mentor.  Along with creating a new project, she also shared her knowledge and wisdom with the group which was very valuable.

My best friend, who always attends these functions to support me but rarely participates actually put together a complete project on her own!  She generally floats around and assists the other ladies with their projects, which is a valuable contribution, but I was very impressed to see that she was actually puting together her own project!  I am most certainly not going to expect it of her all the time, but the times she does this gives me an added sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Oh my goodness!  Back to the Thank You Treat boxes!  lol
Rosebud Thank You Trinket Box

The petals from this one was created with my Extra Large 2-Step Bird Punch, which was released in the Stampin' Up! Spring Occasions Mini Catalog.  I got the idea for the rose buds from a creative crafter named Lynette.  Her blog is located at: if you could stop by her blog and take a look, you'll find that she's quite creative.  I just had to give her credit for giving me the idea to create rose buds like this.

Thanks So Much Handmade Paper Flower Gift Box 

 This one was created with the same box design, however, the paper flower took a bit more detail than the above rose buds.  After stamping a definition sentiment on the cut out flower shapes, I distressed, cut, and added glue and twisted and fussed over it some more.  The flower took a lot of time and patience to make, but was certainly worth the effort.  

Here are some additional shots of the trinket boxes for you to view:
As you can see in this trinket box, I cut a lot of filler and added some tiny butterfly shaped note cards so the person I am giving this to can keep on giving.  :)  She's just that kind of person.

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