Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Interesting Mothers Day

Though the title is listed as "A Lonely Mothers Day", I want to make very clear that as a Mother, I had the best of Mothers Days'. My kids got me a dozen roses, a balloon, and a beautiful card.  They would have gotten cake, too but we still have a half sheet left from Dylan's 2nd Birthday party yesterday.

As for my Mother, my reason for being lonely, it has been several months since I have spoken to my Mother.  She is living with my sister and has made the choice not to have any contact with me apparently because i have not heard from her since Christmas (and that was just because I tricked her.  She thought it was one of the kids wanting to talk to her) so technically it's been longer than Christmas 09 since we have talked.

I'm not sure what i have done to upset her, other than being born and surviving my childhood and staying alive... anyway, I'm ranting again.

I created a Mothers Day card for her and have been contemplating on giving it to her because i was sure if Tonya got it, she would just tear it up and throw it away without even letting Mom see it.  But then I got an idea.  I gave the card to my adopted brother and asked him to give the cards to my mom directly.

Though she hasn't been much of a mother (it's not that my standards are unreasonable or anything) I still felt that she deserved some type of a momento to thank her for giving me life, whether she regrets it now or not.

And this one was created for a very special woman that has been in my life for over 17 years now.  My wonderful Mother in Law, Donna.  She has always broken the mold when it comes to the Mother in Law stereo-type.  She has always gone above and beyond in being there for me.  She has done things that she didn't have to, but she did them anyway because she loves me like a daughter.

Here are also some other Mothers Day cards that I really put my heart into this year.  Luckily I have found two wonderful women who are willing to accept me as their daughter and are willing to see past my flaws (as a true mother should)

My first adopted mother:  CJ and my second adopted mother Vie.

This one was for Vie.

This one was for CJ.

Now that I have pointed out the wonderful women in my life, I am not so sad any more.  Sure, the one who gave birth to me and shouldn't have a choice to love me doesn't know me, but the ones who do have a choice have chosen to love me as their daughter and for that I feel truly blessed!

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