Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Ready for Farmers Market

Good morning Stampers!

I am continuing to work on cards that will be up for sale at the Farmers Market in Nyssa on the 3rd Friday of August, the 19th!  Hopefully I'll do well as I got reports from people who attended the Thunder Egg Festival who said there were a lot of crafters selling their wares, but there were no greeting cards for sale in the whole place, so hopefully I'll have the market cornered!  Doubt it.  There were probably no greeting card stands at the Thunder Egg Festival for the same reason that I didn't have a table there.  75$!  Too rich for my blood!  What I really like about the Farmers Market is the charge is 10% of whatever I sell.  That is at least safe.  I won't be paying a fortune that I can't afford for people to come look through my cards with dirty fingers (I shudder to think of the idea)

Anyway, here are some more cards I have worked on:

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