Monday, June 2, 2014

Keegans Baby Shower Invitation - Prototype

Okay, here we go!  Keegan's birth is quickly approaching, so we've scheduled his baby shower for right before he's scheduled to be here.  Because they had to take Kady, Keegan's big sister via c-section, they are going to have to take Keegan the same way.  His delivery is scheduled the 21st of July!  

So, we've got his Baby Shower scheduled for July 6th at 3pm at our house.  Because all of Lauren's friends have kids, that means there is going to be a FULL house.  Women and children in the house and front and back yards with the men sheltered in the garage!  lol I can just picture it!

This is pretty much how the invitations are going to look.  A dresser with toys or shoes coming out of the drawers.  The embellishments, color, and pattern on the drawers are going to vary by dresser.

It has definitely been a while since I've posted.  It's actually been that long since I've created as every time I complete a card, I'm sure to snap it, crop it, and post it.  That way there's not a chance that I'll forget to do it later or run the risk of them piling up on me.  

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I hope to hear your feedback when you have something to share! :)

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