Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Really Cool!

As you may or may not know, I deal with severe pain all of the time due to a labral tear in my hip and a failed double fussion in my spine.  Anyway, I see my Dr regularly about once per month and have developed a good rapor with all of them.  As you can imagine, I bring a card to them every time I go there.  Well, today I was hurting too bad to go into town so my husband went to the Dr's office to pick up my prescription for me.  He got into trouble.  Bill could hear one of the staff whisper to another employee, "Did he bring a card?"  "What does the card look like this time", Once they realized there was no card, they informed Bill that they were not going to give him the prescription because he didn't bring the card.  lol  Bill made it out of there with my prescription on the agreement that I would definitely bring a card the next time we went in there. 

Bill came home to tell me that & it gave me a very warm & fuzzy feeling that people out there really do look forward to receiving my cards and they really like them.

I still hurt real bad, but thanks to their unknowing act of kindness, my mind is happy!

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