Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Card & a Story

I hope it's as Sunny and beautiful where you are at as it has been here!  I've got to tell you.  I am so happy to be back home finally (took 15 years to get here, but it's better too late than never, right?!)  Real quick, I've got to share a story before I proceed.  There was a mamma kill deer who was trying to nest to lay her eggs, and for some reason she chose our graveled driveway!  She has since laid her egg/eggs and with 2 black labs (bird dogs) on the property, it's been pretty entertaining to watch her lure a prospective predator away from her nest.
One of the dogs will get close to her nest and she will fly closer and plop herself on the ground, turn on her back and roll around flapping her wings like she's in distress.  Once she get's the dogs attention, she keeps flopping further & further away from the nest, luring the dogs away.  I have never seen such a thing. 
You've got to figure if it's the birds nature to lay their eggs on the ground, they have got to have some kind of a system to keep predators away from the nest.  I was so enthralled with the activity going on outside my scrapping window that I didn't think to get the camera until it was already over. 
She got the dog's attention and once the dog took to a run to get to her, she flew off just far enough that she could get away from them.  Bill said that is normal, but it just amazes me how nature works!
so now, on to the card:
This card was inspired by Aly Schilling.  I love her creative talent and am always inspired by her. 
Goodies used to create this card:
  • Brad
  • Embossing Powder – White
  • Punch – Circle Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Stamp Set – Warm Words
  • Stamp Set – Winged Things
  • Stampin' Up! Designer Paper
  • Technique Used – Heat Embossing
  • Technique Used – Sponging / Pouncing
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Blessings & Inky Hugs
~Shawnie Bartron
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  1. I just wanted to tell you first of all that I love your story. That is so funny that your dogs are suckers for that act. LOL. I love your project, it is so beautiful and elegant. Thank you for sharing!!!


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