Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 
Bill and I are having a really off day as this will be the very first Holiday in the 3 years of Bug's life that we have not been with him to experience the joy's that the Holiday brings.  Bug's mother has felt that it's more important to go over to her Biological Father's house to celebrate Easter and she has other plans that are preventing her from coming over here, which means Danny will not be coming over for Easter either as he is living with Lauren.  Not certain I buy that, but I have to respect it.   This is also the VERY FIRST Holiday in the History of our Family where we have all not been together to celebrate the Holiday as a family.  Our kids have made their decisions and we must respect them no matter how much it disappoints as they are adults.
Family used to mean something but it seems these days people are in it for themselves.  There was NEVER a time where Bill & I didn't take the kids to see their Grand parents on Holidays.  Let me tell you, the bomb was dropped on me yesterday that the kids were not coming over as they had other plans.  My disappointment was so strong that a huge lump formed in my throat and I just couldn't swallow it down no matter how hard I tried. 
So, here Bill & I sit with the "Empty Nest" Syndrome.  I just thank God that I have been blessed with Bill to be in my life.  It's a nice comfortable feeling to think ahead in our future and the thought of us growing old together.  Experiencing life's joys like when we welcomed our grandchildren to the world and sharing life's disappointments like today.  Sure, we're alone today but at least we're alone together.  And we've always got God. 
I have decided and have told Bill that if the Easter Bunny run's across my yard with a top hat on his head carrying an Easter basket, I'm shooting him and we'll have BBQ wabbit!  ")
So, thanks for listening to my whining.  Stay tuned and I'm uploading a few cards I made for a Black & White plus 1 swap I participated in. 
I look forward to seeing your comments!

God Bless you and thanks for stopping by!!
Inky Hugs

~Shawnie Bartron

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