Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn Days Get Well Soon with Bi-Lingual Sentiment

Good afternoon Stampers!

I am really behind the gun on the cards I've been creating ('magine that!).  But you know my usual line, if the Mojo's flowin' I'm not stoppin'!  So, as you may imagine, my creativity has slowed down to a dull thud so I figured this would be a good time to get cards uploaded, labeled, tagged, and all that other stuff before my mind starts to wander on a new card idea. 

So, these two cards are going to be posted together.  They are pretty much the same, but you all know how I can't stand to re-create something that I've already created.  If you make several cards with the same design, your not being creative and someone is going to get ripped off because they thought they were buying / receiving a truly unique card.  If they see another card just like theirs, they may gasp and wander if you just picked the card off a rack that was spit out by a machine!  agad!!!!!!!!  How awful would that be?!  Anyway, God gives me the gift, I'm not going to waste it on making the same thing again.  Some may, but my passion for paper crafting and creating keeps me going.  Even though I tried to make these cards both the same, they are still unique in their own way (still couldn't make myself do it!)  Anyway, getting off my soap box.

These cards were created using the Autumn Days stamp set.  The Spanish sentiment is from the Frases por docena stamp set & the English sentiment is from the Mini Mates stamp set.  All other goodies used to make the card are located below under "Labels".

With sponge daubers I also sponged some chalk (Stampin' Pastels) for the sky & the ground.

I really hope I don't have to give these away right away or sell them to anyone who has to give them away, but it's always good to keep some on hand, especially the Masculine kind because we know how our guys need to feel pampered when they are sick!  Mine does, anyway.  hehehe

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