Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reasons to Stamp in September

If you’ll look at any calendar, you’ll find that September doesn’t have a whole lot going on as far as celebrations or days that are recognized or observed, which translates to a stamper as reasons to give someone a card. Well, here are some ideas that may inspire you to make a card for a certain someone that reminds you of the day listed below!
Happy Stamping! Thank you Cristena & Jane Hignite for putting these lists together!

September is Jazz Month, National Apple Month, Read a New Book Month, and Women's Friendship Month.
The First Week of September is Child Injury Prevention Week
The Second Week of September is National Waffle Week
The Third Week of September is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week
The Fourth Week of September is National Dog Week
The Fifth Week of September is National Keep Kids Creative Week
September 4th is International Drive Your Studebaker Day
September 10th is National Lacemaking Day
September 17th is Citizenship/Constitution Day
September 23rd is Good Neighbor Day
September 27th is Ancestor Appreciation Day
September 29th is National Coffee Day
Here is another list below:

Weekend before September 11: National Days of Prayer and Remembrance September 11: Patriot Day 3rd Friday in September National POW/MIA Recognition Day September 17: Citizenship Day and Constitution Week 4th Monday in September: Family Day last Sunday in September: Gold Star Mother's Day

• September: National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15)

Labor DaySep 5, 2011
Patriot DaySep 11, 2011
Whooping Crane Fall MigrationSep 15 - Nov 15, 2011
Constitution DaySep 17, 2011
Deaf Awareness WeekSep 18-24, 2011
Fall EquinoxSep 23, 2011
Banned Books WeekSep 24 - Oct 1, 2011
Shamu's BirthdaySep 26, 1985
Rosh HashanahSep 29-30, 2011

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