Friday, September 2, 2011

Poser Thank You

lol The reason why I titled this post as Poser Thank You, note the butterfly & the flower on the front of the card.  Usually I make all the embellishments on my cards.  These, I did not make.  Since I didn't make them, I'm calling them Posers.  lol  Not that anything is wrong with using pre-made embellishments.  I have tons of them laying around.  I just am the type to make them is all.  (kind of like preferring to make meals out of scratch instead of out of a box) 

Oh, the card.  That's right. 

This is a circle card I used by folding my cardstock in half and running it through my Big Shot with my Lacey Circles Die with a tiny portion outside of the die so it didn't get cut.  If the whole thing would have been in the die, I would have ended up with two lacey circles.  <-- WOW, That doesn't even make sense to me!!!! 

The sentiment is from Stampin' Up!'s Tiny Tags stamp set & Tiny Tags punch.  After punching out the tag I laced silver floss through it and hooked a safety pin through the floss and the ribbon.  I felt this card needed far more sparkles than just the ones on the Poser butterfly & flower, but couldn't really find any other place to make it fit or work.  So, I opted out this time.  Some sprinkle is better than no sprinkle, I suppose.

Well folks, I've just uploaded ump-teen different posts for the ump teen different cards I've made recently.  I'm tuckered!

Blessings & Inky Hugs;

~Shawnie B.

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