Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On my Mind

Please forgive the blurriness of this picture.  Because I am notorious for adding embellishments no matter the size to my cards, the embellishments that are thick will make a blurry image on the card when I scan it.  There are a lot of layers to this card, especially the 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon I used to make a faux bow. 

I was thinking about my oldest daughter, how we used to be best friends and shared hopes and dreams with each other.  Her boyfriend has since gotten into her head to ensure that she is segregating herself away from her family members, not sure why at this point but I'm sure his motives will be made clear in time.  My daughter is very strong willed and she will only be controlled as much as she will allow.  When she wises up and see's that she has hurt her family and has abandoned them, she'll come around.  The hardest part of all this, we used to call each other every day and just shoot the breeze, talk about our day.

She would tell me how Bug was doing and little cute things he started doing.  He's now 3 and learning and developing very quickly.  She lives in the next town over and she knows how important my grand son is to me, so she would make every attempt to make sure I knew how Bug was developing.  I didn't always just talk to my daughter when we were on the phone, I would talk to Bug as well.  I would take great joy at the excitement in his voice when he would tell me about something he saw or something he had done.  My heart is definitely full of happy when I hear his sweet little voice.  He would know the conversation was about over when I would start telling him "I love you".  No matter how hard I would try, I couldn't pull the words out of him because he knew that once he said those words that not long after Nana was going to hang up and he wanted to keep me on the phone.  He's always been sharp.  Common sense sharp.  The kind of sharp that he can't be taught.  Either someone has common sense or they don't.  Well he does.  As long as he's taken care of and is in the right environment, he's going to go far in life.

Oh yeah, I'm rattling on and I was actually posting a card!  lol