Sunday, May 15, 2011

I think the Mojo is Back!

So, here is a card I was in a mood to make. I think I have figured out why I "think" I've lost / misplaced my Mojo. Here lately I have been pushing myself to go above and beyond on my cards. To take them up a notch and make them better. I have been running around in circles trying to make them better and greater that all I've been doing is running around in circles with nothing getting finished or accomplished.

I have decided that for a while (unless something strikes me), I am going to start "Kiss" ing my cards. Keep It Simple S.... Silly. For the sake of being chastised for being negative against myself, I have chosen to use the name Silly instead of Stupid for this annogram.  :)

Anyway, I kept it simple & basic and I don't think it turned out too bad.  Besides, less is sometimes more.

Before Bill, my dear husband of going on 18 years was medically retired (construction worker) he still has the "eye".  He spots right off any abnormal levels with anything!  A room, furniture, signs, pictures, etc...  It drives him crazy when things are uneven.  I emboss different shapes in the background that makes the rest of the card look un-even.  With this card, he says it looks like it's not straight.  He's right, it does LOOK like it's not straight, but it is.  You've got the bottom mat embossed with lines at a slant AND you've also got the Designer Paper under the flowers, they are slanting as well.  

So, I hope you enjoyed that little story.  Ingredients used to make this card are down below as labels.

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God Bless you and thanks for stopping by!!
Inky Hugs
~Shawnie Bartron
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  1. Shawnie, your cards are absolutely beautiful and very top-notch!! TFS!

  2. Beverly, you are so sweet! Thank you for the awesome feedback!


Your comments and feedback are always appreciated! ~Shawnie B.

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