Friday, May 20, 2011

Pitty Party - Family Problems

With all the drama going on with my eldest daughter, I really haven't had it in my heart to create anything here lately.  I have ate and slept very little but I've prayed a lot!  I must shamefully admit though that most of my prayers have been selfish. I know I need to trust God's will and accept that whatever is in his plan will happen.  (I need to pray for patience, forgiveness, and healing for all of us involved).

It seems my daughter is repeating her past behavior like when she was a teenager. Now that she's an adult I thought / hoped that she had outgrown the need to keep drama going at any cost and no matter who it hurt or how deeply. She has a tendancy of saying things that she knows will hurt down to the core just to see what kind of response she can get.  Once she got things going and got a response, she took that as a go-ahead to plunge in without any consideration to the consequences of her actions.

Her boyfriend, however, has been at the core of the chaos keeping things going as well as threatening my life and the lives of my other family members.  I've seen this kind of behavior with drug addicts.  He informed my husband and I that we will never see our daughter or our Grandson, who we have supported without complaint since the day he was born three years ago as well as their unborn child once he/she is born.  The boyfriend, I know has been raised with little parenting, not the proper kind anyway, and has absolutely no respect for authority, himself, or anyone for that matter.  A lot of his actions are heathen-like and down right socially unacceptable.  Our daughter, however, has been raised to know what is & is not appropriate.

It has even got to the point that our lives have been threatened by the boyfriend and our daughter has called us by name instead of Mom & Dad, and has advised us that we are dead to her and to never contact her again.  Until that point I have tried to not let any of it hurt me as she is obviously angry (turns out her friends have been there during the interactions which must be fueling her behavior, myself, I would be embarrassed if anyone were to hear me disrespecting anyone like that.)

We have tried to identify what has triggered her behavior.  Has something been said or done or does she think something was said or done to make her think that this kind of behavior is justified?  She wouldn't tell us, all she would do is threaten and call names.

Yesterday morning before my youngest daughter, Chelsey knew our oldest daughter, Lauren was angry with us, she called Lauren and politely let her know that her & her fiance had picked up some birthday presents for my grand son, Dylan.  Lauren answered back cheerfully that she would be over to get them in a little bit.

Not long after that Lauren calls Chelsey back yelling and screaming at Chelsey about how everyone is against her (Lauren) and her boyfriend.  Once Chelsey was able to get a word in edgewise, Chelsey told Lauren to hold it, that she didn't know what Lauren was talking about and she didn't want to get involved in it because whatever was going on didn't have anything to do with her (Chelsey).  Well apparently this really set Lauren off over the edge, still not sure why.

End result left Lauren & her boyfriend texting, threatening, and harassing Chelsey and I and other family members and we're sitting here scratching our heads wandering what in the heck is going on!

Whatever it was, Lauren felt it was worth telling me that I am dead to her.

The way that Lauren was behaving, flip flopping and being very aggressive & hateful is completely new.  Reading what my daughter was saying to me, I didn't even recognize her.  I have been told that before Lauren found out she was pregnant, her boyfriend was trying to talk her into using Meth because "It'll make you loose weight real quick and will give you a lot of energy"  Lauren's reaction at the time was no way, which sounds like her as she has always been against drugs.  But I can't think of any other explanation to why she's acting like this and it really concerns me because she is going through a high-risk pregnancy right now and she is not supposed to be around any kind of stress, yet she is creating all of it and then turning around and playing the victim and saying that she can't handle any more stress.

Lauren has always been very strong willed and I have never known of her to let anyone control her or make her do certain things.  She's definitely not thinking straight.

I don't know what to do which is why I'm not going to do anything.  My husband and I are going to trust in the Lord and hope that everyone will pull through this okay. 

Any prayers will definitely be appreciated!  If you have gone through something similar to this, please let me know how you handled it & what the end result was (hopefully a peaceful & happy one).

God Bless you and thanks for stopping by!!
Inky Hugs
~Shawnie Bartron
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