Tuesday, August 23, 2011

****Prayer Request ****

As most of you know what is going on in my family, I am asking that you pray often to give us the patience to endure this episode and to give Lauren the wisdom to know this is not right and cannot continue.  To ensure there are plenty of prayers, I will include the below paragraph to every post until our family is reunited.  I'm sure it will be edited as time goes by but please remember it is very important to me. 

My oldest daughter, Lauren has been estranged from the family since May, she also took our 3 year old grandson and has ignored any contact from us and has not told us what the problem is.  (Because she is ignoring our contact attempts, we are associating this with her boyfriend, who has done many things in the past to get her to sever her relationship with us - and it looks like this time he has been successful.)  Well, he is not greater than God and I wish sometime here in the near future we all have the blessing of being able to witness the power of our Lord God and see a once broken family put back the way it needs to be.  I feel it's her boyfriend because her and I have always been close.  Last Easter, a few weeks before she pulled this, he drove right by our house and wouldn't stop so we could see Dylan and Lauren, it wasn't long after that where she started doing all this.  I will be including this on every post until our family is back together, meaning, the more prayers the better!

Thank you all and God Bless!
~Shawnie B

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  1. I will add you, your family, grandson and Lauren to my prayer list. And you are right no one is greater than God. He will see you through this.
    Thoughts and prayers!


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